Selling with USAHomeBids

Use the Bidding Psychology to Sell Your Property


First of all, USAHomeBids is not an online auction. Rather, it is an online bidding platform that can help sell properties in less than two weeks.

Selling Using Bidding vs. a Traditional Listing?

When listing a property on MLS in your area, you disclose your minimum price, or “list price”. USAHomeBids takes a reverse approach. When listing your property on USAHomeBids, you list your property at 67% of the current market price, without disclosing your minimum price to the potential buyers. As a result, USAHomeBids exposes your property to hundreds of buyers who register to bid, creating competition and increasing the price. When more buyers see your property, more buyers will bid, which results in selling for a higher price.

Wherever the property is located, the current market dictates the price according to recent comparables or, simply, the amount a buyer is willing to pay. It is statistically proven that this approach can ensure you receive your property's highest possible sale price.

The online bidding approach is growing in popularity for other businesses, such as the automotive industry, boating, furniture, art, and more. This growing trend was started by the desire for transparency in the bidding process, the convenience of being online, and the ability to sell for the highest possible price.

Remember, USAHomeBids is a bidding platform with a “reserve price,” which is different from bidding with an “absolute price.”

When bidding with an “absolute price,” the property is sold to the highest bidder, even if the final price is significantly less than the minimum price accepted or the property's value. When bidding with a “reserve price,” as the seller, you set a reserve amount you are willing to accept to sell your property. If the bidding does not reach your reserve price, you have the option to reject or counter the offers received. It is recommended to counter the top 3 offers to reach higher prices and better terms.

Sound too good to be true? Well, that’s NOT all! You will save thousands of dollars as, unlike selling through traditional real estate methods, you only pay half of the traditional commission. So not only are you selling the property for the highest possible price, but you are pocketing more of the equity you have in the property by saving half of the commission!

To Summarize all of the Benefits of Using USAHomeBids:

Short listing agreement: Only a 13 days commitment

Minimal disruption: Showings only during open houses

Minimum cost: You are paying only half of the commission

Highest possible price: Statistically speaking, your house will sell for 4.25% above market value using bidding psychology