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All offers can have contingencies in place and be financed.

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    Register for free and place a bid. All bids are fully transparent.

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    Write an Offer with a Certified Agent

    Submit a traditional offer with all contingencies in place.

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    Celebrate Your New Home

    Rent a moving truck and start planning your housewarming party.

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Popular Questions

Have more questions? Please check some of the most common questions below.

Will my bid be seen by other buyers?

Yes, we are transparent, so your bid will be visible to others and other buyers will be able to see your bids.

Is it hard to bid?

Not at all. You can register with your credit card and begin bidding right away. Alternatively, your agent can bid on your behalf as well.

Do I need an agent?

Yes. Buying a home is a complex transaction. Having an agent exclusively representing you as the buyer will help you secure the home of your dreams.

I have my own agent. Can they still help me buy a home through USAHomeBids?

Yes they can.

What are the terms and conditions of the purchase contract?

If you are the winning bidder, your agent will have 24 hours to submit your offer on your state's standard purchase contract to the listing agent. Just like any other offer, you can modify the standard verbiage and terms.

Will I be able to do any inspections?

Yes, you will enter a standard real estate transaction with all contingencies in place if you choose.

Will I be able to ask for repairs?

After entering into a contract you will proceed through a traditional real estate transaction, and you will be able to ask for any repairs. However, it is up to the seller if they will accept any repairs.

Will I get to do an appraisal?

Yes, you will have an appraiser contingency in place.

Are there any special forms?

No. Just the standard contracts your agent already uses.

What is the Buyer's Premium?

Buyer’s Premium is a percentage fee paid by the Buyer. The amount of the Buyer’s Premium will be added on top of the winning bid which shall establish the final sales price. Winning Bid + Buyer’s Premium = Sales Price

Why is transparency important?

It allows you to not be blinded in the bidding process, giving you the opportunity to see what other buyers are bidding for the same property.

How do I know if I get outbid?

We will alert you through email, and you can watch the live bidding process on the listing website.

Is there a buy it now price?

No, there is no reserve or buy it now price.