Selling with USAHomeBids

Use the Bidding Psychology to Sell Your Property


Short Listing Agreement - Minimal Disruption - Minimum Cost - Highest Possible Price

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    List your Property and Save Tons on Commission

    Direct all of the buyer's traffic from the neighboring properties to yours.

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    Start Bidding Process

    Generate multiple offers using USAHomeBids hype while watching bidding in real time.

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    Celebrate Your Sale

    Plan your next vacation with all the money that USAHomeBids has saved you.

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Popular Questions

Have more questions? Please check some of the most common questions below.

Do I have to accept the highest bid?

No. You can counter or reject. You should discuss a strategy with your USAHomeBids Certified Agent.

Do I need to have an agent?

Yes. Selling a home is a complex transaction. Having a USAHomeBids Certified Agent will help you get to the finish line.

Will my home sell for sure?

It is up to you to decide to accept the amount buyers feel your home is worth.

How do I save on commission?

The seller pays a discounted commission. Please discuss the commission structure with you USAHomeBids certified agent

Will I have an agent who can provide me full service?

Yes you can select a USAHomeBids Certified Agent who is specially trained to provide you full service.

How many open houses do I have to have?

For the best results we recommend a minimum of 4 to 5 open houses